The Bleach Boys


By: Jules Lawson   

   Weird hair colors are not that uncommon in the school, but when you see a whole group of boys walking through the hall with bleach blonde hair it draws attention. When two weeks later those same boys are walking through the halls with odd patterns, such as a hand print, it goes from interesting to comical.


   “We dye our hair before sectionals because that’s the way it’s been for thirty years and no one knows why,” senior swim team captain Alex Krasutsky said. “Nobody really knows. That’s just the way it is.”


   The team got together two weeks ago to bleach their hair. Almost every boy swimmer in Indiana bleaches his hair to support the girls swim team at their Sectional meet, and then they shave designs for a week and shave their whole heads for the boys Sectional meet.


   “We shave our heads to throw off the competition,” Krasutsky said. “We really only shave [random] patterns into the freshman’s heads as kind of an initiation”  


After spending upwards of 15 hours a week in the chlorine the boy’s hair was so bad they did not mind the bleaching or the shaving.


   “It was pretty bad,” sophomore Adam Morrow said. “It was gray and would fall out easily.”


They use the shaving as a team bonding even, all getting together at one house to shave the patterns and wear them all week. The fun of choosing designs helps the team come together before the big meet.


“It gets us all together, makes us feel whole. It also gets us hyped up for the competition,” Krasutsky said.