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The Student News Site of Center Grove High School


The Student News Site of Center Grove High School


Growing Pains


This past July a new driving statute was passed by the Indiana Government. It allowed drivers to obtain their license at 16 and 3 months instead of the previous 16 and 6 months.

“I was so happy that they changed the law, waiting to get my license was killing me,” Junior Grace Maher said.

This new law has caused chaos in the parking lot. Upperclassmen who were able to show up right before the tardy bell rang and still get to class on time have been met with an unprecedented obstacle.

“If you are not in the main parking lot by 7:25, you can forget about getting a spot,” Senior Quinton Stirsman said.
A limited amount of spots are available in the back parking lot, but once you have committed to parking in the main lot it is difficult to move to the back lot on time.

“I wouldn’t mind having to go to the back lot if the school just left the gate open. But by the time it takes to go all the way around the school, there is no way you can get to class on time,” Senior Mason Brauchla said.

With all of the these students confronted by the parking lot mess, the amount of tardies has skyrocketed.

“[One morning] I was tardy and there were 40 kids behind me,” Senior Mike Berger said.

Deb Bellian, secretary in the dean’s office, has noticed the increase in tardies. She said the strain of additional students parking in the lot is a likely contributor to the issue.  

Students have been parking illegally to try to get to class on time or just not having the motivation to drive all of the way to the back lot.  In return, the Center Grove Police Department has been vigilant with their violation stickers.   

“I didn’t think I was hurting anyone when I parked in the back of the main lot, but I got a parking violation, and I still haven’t been able to get the sticker residue off,” Junior Nick Davis said.

The frustration over the parking headache has resonated from the students to the administration, but there is no easy fix.  

“The only solution I can give is to get to school earlier,” said Dean Ryan Williamson.


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