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Roach’s Rhythm

Roachs Rhythm

Most of us listen to a song and are amazed by the vocals, the smooth guitar, the beating drums or the powerful lyrics.  Few of us take the time and think about everything that had to be put into that song, the person behind the scenes who puts everything together like a conductor to an orchestra.  That person does not usually get much love even though he brought all the elements together to create the songs that we all love listening to.  Junior Blake Roach is one of those few people who is passionate about creating music, producing it from start to finish.  

“I started freshman year,” Roach said. “I was always fascinated with how people created music and I wanted to do it myself.”

Although he produces different genres, his favorite is hip-hop.

“Freshman year was also when I started getting heavily into hip-hop and rap music; I loved it and I wanted to see if I could make beats like the ones I was hearing,” he said.

Much like how different mediums of art are used to portray different emotions, different types of moods produce different music for Roach.

“When I’m sad, I like to make softer beats that show emotion, and when I’m angry, I tend to make more aggressive sounds that show darkness,” Roach said.

Roach draws many inspirations from people in the industry today. He was first inspired by Young Chop and now he draws from classic producers like J Dilla, Madlib and FlyingLotus.

“I really would like to do this forever, probably on the side and see where it takes me,” he said.

You can check out Blake Roach’s music on Soundcloud at blakeroach12.

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