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Trump Tackles Indy

Mark Makela

By Bryce Brown and Jackson Williams

“It was full of proud American people.”

This is the first thing that sprang to the mind of senior Sam Meier, who attended last Tuesday’s Donald J. Trump rally. Love him or hate him, Trump is a polarizing American figure. Many Center Grove students attended the rally at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, each viewing it through the lens of their political stance.  Some opinions were positive, some were negative, but all were entertained.

“I have never been a big fan of Trump, but he knows how to get his views across,” senior Ross Williams said.

This seemed like the overall perception of the rally. Some may not have been big supporters, but they were all excited and impressed by the way Trump conveyed his message. Most students had never been to a rally and this was their first experience with a political event.

“I have never been to anything like this before, so the Trump Rally was surprising to me because it was different from how it has been portrayed on television,” senior Steve Bagwell said. “The atmosphere was warm and welcoming.”

Bagwell went on to say, “The best part of my experience was when Trump explained his political agenda. He has good ideas that the media won’t expose. When you hear him speak in person you realize how much the media sound-bytes him.”

However, it isn’t American politics without a counter-view. Senior Blake Williamson, a Bernie Sanders supporter, had a different view on the rally.

“I went because I wanted to protest what he was preaching,” Williamson said. “Trump stands for things that are damaging to society. He is hateful and he needs to be stopped.”

Rachel Brada, a senior, also weighed in on the rally.

“As a Bernie Sanders supporter, I was happy to see the non-violent protesters state their opinions.”

Trump inspires opinions, positive or negative, for everyone who listens to him. The rally packed the state fairgrounds. Trump has sparked interest in the political process, some would say just to stop him from getting the nomination. However, it is safe to say that young people with passion for the political process is a step in the right direction for America.


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