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Primary Elections Today


It is an exciting year for high school seniors across the state of Indiana. They finally have become adults and will have their voices heard in today’s primary election.

“Wow. Time has flown by. It is crazy to think that we are already adults, and get to exercise our voting rights,” senior Conrad Bomber said.

It is an interesting year for the Indiana Primary because it is actually important this year. Projections have Donald Trump winning the Republican Primary with a shot to earn enough delegates to secure the Republican Nomination. He made Indiana a focal point and visited the state multiple times; various Center Grove students attended the Trump rally.

“I just think he will make America great again, and I think that he will be a great candidate,” senior Nathan Silva said. “He isn’t racist; it was just blown out of proportion.”

But Trump’s views are polarizing.

“I went to the Trump rally to protest, and it really got crazy. I just think he is an unfit leader who promotes an agenda of hate,” senior Blake Williamson said.  

The two other Republican candidates, Ted Cruz and Ohio Governor John Kasich, have teamed up to try to take the nomination from Trump.

“I think that it is a Hail Mary, but I think that it will be able to work,” senior Brian Hamilton said.

On the democratic side of the election, Bernie Sanders faces off against Hillary Clinton.

“I believe that Bernie is the only hope that America has. His free college plan, raising of minimum wage and support of LGBT rights is what is best for this country,” senior Maya Miller said.  

Sanders does not resonate with all students, though.

“I think that Bernie is just a little bit too extreme, and Bill Clinton was the man, so I think that I will be voting for Hillary” senior Dustyn Evans said.

Voting is what makes America great, and what the Founding Fathers fought for. And this year, voting in Indiana may be what determines the nominees for the next president.


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