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The Student News Site of Center Grove High School


The Student News Site of Center Grove High School


    Open Houses

    By: Annie Hering

    It is May and that means it is almost time for graduation and, subsequently, open houses. Each senior has a different idea for their big day celebration of graduation.


      Luke Frandsen and Kylie Seitz have been dating for six years and decided to do a joint open house to celebrate the end of their high school careers. Seitz says they are doing their open house together because “honestly it’s easier on us, our families, and our guests. Most of the people who would attend either of ours would be at both.”

      Seitz said they have been seriously planning for the party for three weeks. Frandsen’s mom decided on the date a while ago. They will be hosting their party on Memorial Day. They know some people will be busy but there will not be many other open houses that day.

      Deciding what food to have is a big part of the planning. Seitz has a candy addiction, so there will be a candy bar. Frandsen is extremely healthy, so there will be fruit.  

     As decorations, their names will be spelled out in giant bubble letters and those letters will be filled with pictures of them. There will be space to write notes and memories to either or both of them at the party as well.


    Nathan Duke is not combining his open house with anyone else, but he will have a theme and outside entertainment. The open house will be “full sail so a cruise/tiki theme.” To go along with the theme, he will borrow a huge meat smoker to make Hawaiian pork in and have his pool open. He said planning has taken a while because he could not decide what he wanted to do.


    “I look forward to seeing my friends and family. I really enjoy seeing them and sharing my plans for the future,” Duke said. “Setting things up is going to be the hardest part.”


    Outside, they will have their pool opened and a canopy with tables and chairs underneath it. Inside, there will be pictures of Duke playing on a slideshow on the TV’s.


    “The pictures will be from my whole life. I think it’s nice to have because watching them shows my story, where I’ve come from. They are also great to just watch how much I’ve grown,” Duke said.


    Jeffrey Robison will also have indoor and outdoor space for his guests. Robison’s open house will be the day before graduation so he can have all his family there. To prepare for the party, Robison’s family has put in new flooring downstairs and painted. They have also been working on the landscaping outside.


    “I’m most looking forward to getting to see my family and the people who have helped get me to where I am today,” Robison said.


    Robison’s favorite childhood foods that will be served include mac and cheese with meatballs, potato salad and fruit salad. There will be cupcakes instead of cake because cupcakes are more convenient.


    Outside there will be a shaded area and corn hole. Inside there will be seating and a picture slideshow on the TV along with old show choir videos.  
    There are many options when it comes to open houses. There are themes or simply snacks. Some are at homes, others go somewhere. People host open houses as a way to say their final farewells to their family and friends before they go off to college. They are also a way to see people you have not seen in years and enjoy your last moments with them before the next chapter of your life begins.

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