Patrick Southern: Lacrosse vs Soccer

Patrick Southern: Lacrosse vs Soccer

By: Julia Boston

Senior Patrick Southern is no stranger to victory. He is the lacrosse team captain and was on the state championship soccer team.


“Just like soccer, lacrosse requires strong endurance. Unlike soccer, lacrosse is much more physical,” Southern said.


Southern, originally from Maryland, started playing lacrosse in the fourth grade.


“Lacrosse is a lot more popular on the East Coast so I guess I brought it over with me,” he said.


The season started at the beginning of March and stretches to the end of May.  The coach drills the team everyday to make sure they are prepared to face any rival.


“The lacrosse team practices every day of the week except the weekend or if we have a game,” Southern said. “Lacrosse has helped me become a vocal leader and has significantly helped me work with others, since I have had to do most of those things all four years of high school.”


Southern is leaving the program, but he still reflects on the sport that changed his life.


“I am not continuing my lacrosse career outside of high school because i will be attending the IU Kelley school of Business,” Southern said about his future. “My favorite experiences were starting varsity my first game as a freshman, the team dinners, and beating Westfield last year. I love the togetherness of the players and the uniqueness of the sport, along with the pace and physicality. I will miss it.”


Lacrosse is a sport that isn’t that big in Center Grove, but it is the life of the players on team. Southern hopes it grows to become a state sanctioned sport and becomes a staple in Center Grove Athletics.Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 8.23.43 AM