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Cafe Becomes Student Hotspot


Katelyn Mitchell | Staff Writer


The aroma of fresh coffee and sugary sweetness of donuts greet the noses of students and staff as they enter the café. From the brownie bites to the flavors of the Pure Ice drinks, the coffee shop is becoming a well-known part of the Media Center.

“I really like the donuts,” Hannah Morrison ’21 said. “I have also heard really great things about the brownie bites, but I haven’t been able to try them yet.”

Though the school opened early in 2017, it was quickly closed down and did not reopen last spring.

“We had to close due to staffing issues, the high demand, the food preparation and the timing,” said coffee shop specialist Elaina Cisneros.

Even though the café closed, students now will find all their familiar favorites.

“There isn’t really any new editions food wise,” Cisneros said. “The main thing that has changed is the staffing.”

The staff must find an equilibrium between the preparation and the production of the food to have the process run smoothly.

IMG_8559“In the mornings, the main focus is to get all the food made, the fruits and other items wrapped, and coffee in the pot to brew. Our busiest time is around 7-7:30 so it’s best to get everything prepared,” Cisneros said.

The staff said they like it when students spend time in the cafe.

“I just wish that there was time for the students to enjoy the food and the atmosphere,” Cisneros said. “That way, we (the workers) can have enough time to get to know the students better.”

However, the food and hospitality isn’t the only thing that has the students coming to the Media Center. A new class called the Tech Bar is also housed in the Media Center and is helpful to students.

This class, taught by AV coordinator Adam Robinson and  Global Campus teacher and E-learning coach Tim Gray, is designed to teach students how to help other students with technology issues.

“The course allows students to interact with other students and teachers to resolve basic iPad issues and other problems beyond the capability of teachers,” said Robinson.

Besides having to help students and staff inside the building, there are also several real-world applications as well.

“Our main project in this class is to develop an app that will help the Center Grove community in some way,” said McKenzie Ritter, senior.

Whether students are in the Media Center for Global Campus or study hall, they might be surprised to find the variety of services available.

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