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Tracy McMahen Creates Leadership Committee to Unify Clubs


IMG_3237Riley George | Photography Editor

A common ground. A learning experience for how to lead a club. A unifying project. All of these ideas were in mind when Tracy McMahen, one of the four assistant principals, decided to create the leadership committee this year.

What exactly this committee entails is not for certain; however, McMahen has an overall idea of what she wants it to accomplish.

“I had this idea to kind of bring together all of the leaders of all of the clubs, not necessarily sports because they have their own committee,” McMahen said. “Right now what I am thinking about is having a leader or representative, not necessarily a president, from each club that would meet monthly. Together as a group we would learn about leadership, ways to operate and run a meeting, give those leaders a chance to talk about what is working well for them and teach ways to communicate with their clubs.”

McMahen doesn’t want this committee to just be about learning new things. Another main goal is for it to unify all clubs in the high school in some way.

“Hopefully we will do some more school-wide community kind of things whether that is something through spirit or we say this semester we are all going to join together to raise money for this cause,” McMahen said. “I don’t have an exact vision of what that is so I am going to let the leaders drive what the committee does together.’’

McMahen wants the students to be the driving force and make the decisions of what they do in the committee, whether that be the discussions or the projects.

“I want to get some input from the leaders at the meetings on what exactly this committee is going to entail,” McMahen said. “For instance, one thought could be something really easy like wearing your favorite holiday sweater, which may seem dorky but only a small pocket of kids get to do it, so if all of our clubs are communicating the same message more kids would feel involved and not think that is only something ‘those kids’ get to do.”

Not only does McMahen want to represent their clubs by making them stand out, she also wants them to connect within each club by finding common ground.

“It seems like around the holidays every club is doing something different and it’s hard for any of those clubs to be successful because they overlap,” McMahen said. “If we all found a common charity that every club could donate and raise money for, we would maybe make a bigger impact.

The first leadership committee meeting is planned for the middle of September with the goal of all 35 clubs having a representative attending. The hard work of both these leaders and McMahen will first be brought to light when the unifying project that is created goes underway. The first year of the leadership committee’s existence is hoped to be a productive and positive experience bringing the school even closer together.

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