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Alums recall favorite Homecoming memories


After the football game, there was a carnival on the old, outside basketball court where the concrete bleachers were located (no longer there). There was a band, food and games. Instead of a semi-formal dance on Saturday night, we went to the carnival with our friends or a date.
~ Angie (Krause) Marsh ’88 | CGAA Teacher

Singing The Star-Spangled Banner with the choir.
Nicholas Pearson ’06 | Middle School North Choral Director

Before homecoming became a formal event going straight from a Friday night football game to the dance. Nobody had dates, we would still be in our cheer uniforms, or decked out in the theme from the game. It was so laid back and everyone danced in the middle of the Hall of Excellence, such a fun night!!
Kelsey Triwedi ’12 | CGMSC 8th grade Business Information and Technology

I loved that the dances were right after the game and were not formal.
Charlie (Hogue) Zellars ’07| Special Services Assistant

I remember that leading up to Homecoming my IRP teacher (now known as STaR), Melissa Warner, did the craziest things to get us pumped up. Julie Nussbaum, Garret Nickel, and I would try to get out of “Sustained Silent Reading,” on Mondays by doing calculus homework. She would come up to us and throw our homework into the air and force us to take out a “fun book” to read instead. The euchre corner kids would all have tournaments leading up to Friday where a team would be declared the euchre champions. Michael Niland would pester Miss Warner about dating her younger sister and Shae Morris would convince her to bring in dirt pudding on Friday for a party. It was always a great time in Miss Warner’s IRP (…it will never be STaR to me!!!)
Jared Norman ’08 | High School Choir Director

Oh! There are so many fun memories of Homecoming at CGHS. I loved the Saturdays and evenings that were spent building the float with friends! It was so fun to celebrate our hard work by dressing up in gear that matched the theme for the year and being in the parade. Tons of fun!
Lindsay Hardin ’00 | High School Instructional Coach

Definitely getting to perform our 1995 National Championship Marching Band show in front of the school.
~ Greg Werner ’96 |CGHS Physics Teacher

Racing to the student section of the stands to snag a front row spot for the game.
Allison Harris ’13 | 4th grade teacher at NGES

Cheerleading for the football games was always fun, but I remember riding around the track in convertibles at halftime as a part of the Homecoming Court. That was pretty cool at the time!
Tracey (Sauter) Poole ’89 | 6th grade teacher at CGMSC

Homecoming for me was marching during half-time and watching from the sidelines. If I could do it over again, I would have participated more in the spirit week and involved myself in the floats and other homecoming activities!
Mandy Hassell ’79 | 4th grade teacher at PGES

Going to the dances after the games, especially Fall homecoming because we all wore our jeans and CG wear.
Nicole (Arthur) Spencer ’03 | 2nd grade teacher at NGES

Just loved all the hype around Homecoming! Parents doing up the locker room, the pep-rally, and of course getting a W on Friday Night!
Drew Calvert ’10 | Men’s Lacrosse Coach

This is one of my favorite memories. In the 1970’s, one girl from each class was nominated for Homecoming Queen. In 1970, as a junior, my sister Mardena was crowned Homecoming queen. In 1971 I had the privilege of watching her crown my other sister Malana, also a junior, as Homecoming Queen. It was the first in CG history.

My next would be the fun we had building our floats, even though we would end up with cut-up hands from stuffing tissue paper into chicken wire. It was one of the things we looked forward to the most. We would have anywhere from 25-30 people building every night for a week.
~Meresa (Baker) Girdley ’75 | Special Services Assistant




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