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Girls fall sports teams host scavenger hunts for team bonding

Emily Hobson | Staff Writer

On Saturday Oct. 6, two separate scavenger hunts will be hosted by two different fall sports teams: the girl’s volleyball team and the girl’s soccer team. But the goal of the activity is the same for both teams: to help athletes bond outside of school before sectionals.

“My favorite part is driving to each challenge with the moms and the other players in my group. It’s so much fun, and a chance to really bond with all the girls,” junior volleyball player Ashley Eck said. “We do this to help our team chemistry right before sectionals because it brings us all closer together.”

The teams each do different challenges in order to win the game. Last year, the girl’s volleyball team had to go to a putt putt place and try to hit a hole-in-one. They also went to a park, put on football pads and helmets and tried to throw a football to their teammates with all the gear on. The volleyball hunt is a tradition that has been carried on for many years called the ‘Amazing Race.’

“We have a big dinner, and then we start the scavenger hunt. We get a clue, and then we have a parent drive from the last place we were at and go to the next place,” senior volleyball player Graci Gasper said. “After we do all of the challenges, we go back to one of our teammates houses and solve a puzzle to finish the race. Whoever finishes first wins a prize, and then after the race, we have dessert at someone’s house, then we have a team sleepover.”

The prize that the winner receives is different every year, so each year it is a surprise.

The girl’s soccer team is also having their annual scavenger hunt tomorrow, which is structured much the same way as the volleyball team’s.

“The week leading up to the scavenger hunt is filled of secret buddies, pajama pants, crazy hair and very ugly skirts. For the scavenger hunt, everyone splits up into different cars, and we have a long list of funny and embarrassing things we have to complete in public in a certain amount of time,” senior soccer player Gracyn Montfort said.

Although the two teams will be competing separately, the girls will all learn the importance of bonding with their teammates, whether it be through putt putt challenges or crazy hair day.


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