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Students find ways to make their wardrobes unique


Meredith Cole | Staff Writer

While most high school students tend to shop at traditional retail stores like Hollister, PacSun and American Eagle, some students try to find unconventional ways to make their wardrobes unique to them.

Buying second-hand clothing has become widely popular. Avid thrifter and senior Leia Castile can be found at thrift stores almost every weekend.

“I started thrifting in middle school because I wanted to save money on clothes and have my own unique sense of style,” Castile said. ”I really wanted to move away from wearing Hollister and VS Pink every day. The best thing I’ve found at a thrift store is my Tommy Hilfiger jeans.”

While most people think of think of thrifting at stores like Goodwill, some students have found better luck getting more unique and cheaper pieces at alternative stores.

“I feel like Salvation Army is way better for thrifting than Goodwill because I can get a lot more clothes for less money, and their selection is much better than goodwill,” senior Zoey McLeod said. “Since everyone shops at Goodwill the Salvation Army selection is less picked-over.”

Although finding a good item takes a lot of time and patience, junior Haileigh Stevens believes you must keep looking and not give up even if you have to go to a couple different stores to find what fits your style.

“Don’t pass up looking through everything that the thrift store has to offer,” Stevens said. “I went to a place and was looking through the shoes and a found a pair of white patent leather doc martens in good condition for only twenty dollars.”  

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