Volleyball opens season tomorrow against perennial power New Castle


Kelsey Osborne, Website Editor

The volleyball team opens their season tomorrow, and they are facing a team they will most likely see again. New Castle’s won 3A state title last year but due to the IHSAA Success Factor will be playing in Class 4A this season. Both teams have been strong in the past, and tomorrow should be no different. 

“I think the New Castle game is a measuring stick of where we are at the start of the year and where we need to improve on to be successful,” said Coach Chris Due. “I think the team needs to focus on ball control and serving to be successful.  If we can pass in serve receive, we should be able to side out at a high percentage, and if we can keep teams out of system with our serves, our defense will be able to get easier balls, which will help keep us in system.”

The coaches and players know that the first game of the season is an important one for many reasons. 

“New Castle is an important game being the first of the season,” said senior Anna Line. “It will really set the tone for the rest of the season if we come out strong we have a lot of momentum going on. It also will give us a lot of insight into what we need to work on this season. I’m confident and excited going into this game. As a senior I’m excited to lead and really make a difference on the team.”

With New Castle getting bumped up to 4A, that means it is likely the team will match up again in the post-season.

“The Newcastle game is not only important because we want to win each game but also because they are someone who we will later face on the road to state,” said senior Madison Hammill. “They are a great team that will give us a very fun match, and it’s always important to compete. I am very excited about going into this game. I feel confident in my teammates that even though they are a great team we will focus on our game and compete constantly.” 

The team has been working out and practicing all summer in order to prepare for their season, and as the game approaches, they hone in on a few key aspects. 

“I feel well prepared going into the game,” said senior Ashley Eck. “We have worked on a ton of serve receive these past few weeks with middle connections. We’ve been doing a lot of blocking and hitting work as well, so we have all been getting into the right mindset for this game. I feel like we’re ready to play, and we’re really excited to start the season.”

The game is at home tomorrow at 11:15am in the Vandy Gym.