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Tips for Prom This Weekend

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So, the big weekend is finally here.  You landed the perfect date, now it’s time to dance the night away.  Here are some tips to help you make the most of Prom:


-Be on time.  Your date spent hours getting ready, don’t make her wait longer.

– Don’t feel like you have to spend an arm and a leg on dinner.  Your date understands you spent money on a tux, tickets, corsage etc.; just go somewhere where you’ll have a good time.

– Be a gentleman.  Simple gestures like pulling out her chair, opening the car door and offering her your jacket when it’s cold can go a long way.

– Have an umbrella in the car or put one in the limo.  A rain shower can bring chaos if one isn’t armed and ready.

-Don’t be afraid to dance.  Girls would rather be with a guy who can’t dance but is willing to try than a guy who simply won’t.

– Have a solid plan in place.  If your date is letting you plan the night, that’s a sign of trust.  Impress her by having your clothes, tickets, dinner reservations and after-prom plans in line.

-Keep yourself and your date safe.  If you’re hanging downtown after prom, stay in a group when walking around.

– Don’t drink. Besides the fact there are breathalyzers at the door, it’s illegal and generally a really bad decision.

-Be ready for lots of pictures.

-Let your family be in on the occasion.  This dance is just as important (maybe more) to Mom as it is to you. Don’t be surprised when she photographs you getting ready

-If you’re driving, figure out your route downtown.  This is the weekend where the most schools have Prom, so account for traffic.


-If you think your heels will get uncomfortable, bring other shoes in a bag with you or leave them in the car.  You don’t want to be barefoot on the questionably sanitary dance floor.

-If your dress is long, make sure you hold the train while dancing. You don’t want other people stepping on your dress.

-With a strapless gown, fashion tape on the inside of the dress is a lifesaver.

– Be prepared. Pack safety pins, bandaids, a little bit of cash for parking, and if you’re really resourceful, a Tide pen or Shout wipe.

– Be smart. If you bring a purse, chances are you will leave it unattended at your table while dancing. Don’t have lots of cash, your cell phone and car keys in there. It could easily disappear and leave you in a bind.

– Be ready on time.  While it is sometimes charming to be fashionably late, missing a dinner reservation is definitely not cool.

– Don’t be afraid to dance and have a good time.  It’s prom and you want it to be memorable.

-Prepare for bad weather.  Have a back-up place if your pictures are all going to be taken outside.

-You’re going to look beautiful.  Be confident in that fact and let your date show you off.

-Meet new people; introduce your date to your friends.  Everyone is a little friendlier at Prom.

When all is said and done, a dance is just a dance.  The biggest mistake people make is stressing over the details and forgetting to enjoy the evening.  Bring a close to a great year by celebrating everything you’ve accomplished. There’s a Japanese Proverb that says, “We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance”.

Do you have any tips for Prom night this year? If so, share them in the comment section below!

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