Breaking: College Board announces changes for online AP Exams


Olivia Oliver and Kelsey Osborne

College Board Vice President of AP and Instruction Trevor Packer announced that the AP Exams for 2020 would include only free-response questions and no multiple choice.

Teachers were emailed ahead of time regarding the testing situation. It was said that these questions would be “adapted for secure testing at home” and could not be answered “from Google or chats with friends,” according to Packer.

Update: College Board released a schedule of AP Classes and Review that will be on Youtube Live. Students will also be able to rewatch videos or watch them after the livestream, as Youtube automatically uploads livestreams after they end. All times are Eastern Time, and the videos can be found here.

AP Classes and Review Youtube Live Schedule

This is a developing story and will be updated with information for students as time goes on.