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Given everything that has happened in our community and around the world recently, it is nice to have lighthearted things like this to help. Although we should not ignore our problems and our grief, it is fine to immerse ourselves in distractions every once in a while. Hopefully these distractions can provide some joy or relief to someone who is hurting and needs to be uplifted.

Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream & Yogurt

Handel’s is one of the newest ice cream spots in the area. This location combines quality ingredients with a wide variety of flavors that I found both exciting and delicious. The best overall flavors and the ones I recommend most strongly are Oreo dough and black cherry. Mint chocolate chip and Oreo dough are great options for kids, while adults should explore flavors like black cherry and coffee chocolate chip. When I placed a pickup order, the process was extremely easy due to their great customer service. They also have created a very COVID-friendly environment given that you eat your ice cream outside. Overall the most appealing detail about this shop is all the ice cream is homemade, and it really shows in overall taste and consistency when compared to other places.

Overall Rating: 9.5

Ritter’s Frozen Custard

Ritter’s has several locations in the area. One thing you get with Ritter’s is variety. It offers specialty sundaes, such as Twix-in-between that you won’t be able to find anywhere else. The overall quality and consistency of the ice cream is good but not quite on the level of a homemade ice cream place such as Handel’s. I found that the most appealing aspect of this shop is the Italian ice. The Italian ice creates even more variety and is a great alternative to having ice cream every time you go. The flavors I highly recommend are Blue Razz Italian ice and their Twix-In-Between sundae. Ritter’s is an amazing place to go if you are looking for a unique experience with unique flavors.

Overall rating: 9

Ella’s Frozen Yogurt

Ella’s is a staple in the community. The problem is that customers make snap decisions after trying a flavor for the first time. That’s because customers are encouraged to try their flavors before they fill a cup. If they love it, it’s all they get, but if they don’t love it, they never try it again. Ella’s purpose has more to do with catering to the preferences of young kids. They provide a great customization experience in terms of being able to choose your own toppings, put them on yourself, and create your own unique dish. I personally recommend cake batter as the flavor is one of their better ones and goes well with many of their toppings. Overall Ella’s is a great place to take kids and provides a customization option not found anywhere else in the area.

Overall rating: 7.5

Mrs. Curl Ice Cream Shop and Outdoor Cafe

Mrs Curl Ice Cream has been in the community since 1962. Once again variety is something that this place has on its side. It serves sundaes, shakes, razzles and even flavor blasts. The most impressive thing about this ice cream shop is how they are able to have such a wide variety and are still able to maintain a very high level of quality in their ice cream. A flavor I strongly recommend is the classic Chocolate and Vanilla Twist. This flavor highlights Mrs Curl biggest strengths as an ice cream shop, their versatility and overall quality.

Overall rating:9