In Celebration of Coach Moore’s 200th win


The clock has not turned zero yet, but the team is up 38-7. The celebratory signs have already been passed out, the end of the game is near and the result is obvious.
With several seconds left in the game against North Central, the CG football fans stood up and started cheering. Loudly. Red signs with bold white 200s filled the air over the stands.
On September 19, the game at Lucas Oil Stadium marked the 200th win of Head Coach Eric Moore’s career.
“It was very special being a part of Coach Moore’s 200th win,” senior football player Joey Siderewicz said. “He’s a great coach, and he’s really made this program a lot bigger than what it used to be. Every year he gets the most out of his players, and I’m so glad to be a part of this team and have him as my coach.”

Football Head Coach Moore shakes hands with his congratulators after his 200th win.
Football Head Coach Moore shakes hands with his congratulators after his 200th win.

The game may have been his 200th win, but it took a lot of dedication, work ethic and skill for Coach Moore to get there.
“Coach Moore’s first year here I was a junior in high school,” offensive line coach Andy Moore said. “A new coach coming in from Florida, Florida being one of the big high school football states, we were really excited about that. From the day he walked in the door he just changed the football program and obviously I had a great experience playing for him. We made it to the state championship his second year here, my senior year, and he inspired me to go to college and to do what I love, which is play football. And I’m right back here with him; I’ve been here for 10 years with him and I’ve loved every minute of it.”
“He demanded a high level that was already established before I came here,” offensive line coach Troy Dice said. “I’ve watched it continue to grow for the last 10 years. Coach Moore knows nothing but how to win. He’s crazy in his discipline. It can be the middle of February and school’s canceled (this happened like six years ago). We had a water pipe bust in our school so we canceled school in the middle of February. He calls me and says ‘text every football player and tell him to get here, we’re gonna have a two hour work out.’ That’s the dedication that he has and that is the culture he has brought to Center Grove High School.”
That dedication is what carried Coach Moore through 200 career wins. Family, coaches, players and others who have been with Coach Moore for a long time are proud of his accomplishment.
“It was really emotional, we were all really happy about it,” Coach Moore’s son Jackson Moore, a freshman player, said. “We were excited. We were proud of him.”