Machine Gun Kelly: General Admission Review


Monica Schipper

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Straight flames. This is what can be heard on the newest release from the Cleveland rapper, Machine Gun Kelly. He has stepped it up after his last album by creating a true masterpiece.

General Admission” shows the rapper’s growth and maturity and takes the listener on an emotional journey. His thoughtful lyrics are so majestic that James Joyce could place them in his poem and you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference. Oh yeah, he also makes bangers.

His lead single, “Till I Die,” is a beast of a song that has a thumping bass and a great beat. MGK has mastered the art of making bangers. With past songs such as “Wild Boy” and “Breaking News,” he continues to have an acute ear for musical art.

The first third of the album is art, pure and simple. It has beats that make you want to go out and trash some buildings and lyrics that make you want to write the sequel to the Harry Potter series. I found myself having the first third on repeat.

The middle of the album starts to slow down with songs like “Everyday” and “Gone.” One can only take so many bangers; pump-up songs don’t fit every mood. These are the songs that people can relax to, in a sense. I loved to sit on my couch, eat chips and watch “Orange is the New Black” while listening to this part of the album.

Alas, the finale came. I’ve heard some good endings to albums before but none that take you on such an emotional rollercoaster. I found myself contemplating life and its meaning. MGK’s stories were heartfelt and I was glad he could share his life with us.

All in all, the album is a virtuoso of music making and deserves a Grammy nomination. If you are a fan of Hip-Hop/Rap, or just want to experience a great album by an up-and-coming artist, this is surely the tape for you. With prom approaching in the spring, there is nothing better to liven up a dance than some MGK. Everyone should listen to his music because it has meaning, thoughtfulness, and above all, bangers.