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The Real Super Bowl Competition: Commercials

By Annie Gillum

From the years past, there have been many memorable Super Bowl commercials, some more popular than others, but nonetheless they are usually fun to watch. This year’s commercials were no different. A commercial that garnered a lot of attention from viewers was the Heinz Weiner Dog commercial. It was advertising the Heinz ketchup and mustard in a unique way that made many viewers love it and really want the product.


“My favorite Super Bowl commercial was the Heinz ketchup one. The little weiner dogs were so cute. I really liked all of the commercials this year,” Jessica Miller said.


The video that was voted one of the worst was the puppy monkey baby commercial. It was the most talked about commercial that made people just uncomfortable because of the way it was made. The tune of the song was also somewhat catchy so that made the people watching remember it the most.


“When the puppy monkey commercial came on, I was confused because it was so odd. I started laughing when I heard the song because it was annoying but catchy at the same time,” Julia Stockman said.


My personal favorite this year was the Doritos Dogs commercial. It was about a couple of dogs that wanted in the grocery store to get the Doritos, but the owner would not let them. At the end of it you see the dogs dressed in human clothes and finally get the chips. The man that wrote this commercial was actually from Indiana and he went to Franklin College. It was the 10th year for Dorito’s Super Bowl commercial contest and the winner got $1,000,000.


However, the Doritos and the Heinz commercials did not appeal to everyone. Different commercials attract different people.


“My favorite commercial from the Super Bowl was the one with Kevin Hart when he gave the keys of his car to his daughter’s date to track the car and follow them around,” Maddie Hollinden said, referencing the commercial that took first place in USA Today’s poll on best Super Bowl commercials.


From weiner dogs to Broncos linebackers, the Super Bowl entertained many people on Sunday night, football fans and commercial fans alike.

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