Impact of the Florida Primary

The Florida Primary was yesterday. It is known as the primary that picks the Presidential candidates for both the Republican and Democratic parties. Though the race is close, the main candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, are expected to win the state.  As a senator from Florida, Marco Rubio is another candidate for the Republican party that has a shot at winning.  


So what does all this information have to do with Indiana?  Here are the top four important things that the Florida Primary will tell the state of Indiana.


  1.  After the Florida Primary, the people of Indiana will have a good idea of the two main candidates running for President. This allows voters to see the main political front runners for both parties. Will it be Trump and Clinton? In a random lunchtime survey of 30 students, 18 believed it would be Trump and Clinton, and 12 believed it would be Trump and Sanders.  
  1.  Demographically, Florida is almost like several states in one. The state has a large immigrant population, along with a number of retirees who vote there in addition to the native Floridian population. Sophomore Donald Atkins said, “I think that makes the Florida Primary more interesting.”


  1.  The winner of Florida will take a lot of delegates.  Florida has 50 total delegates to give out, and the winner will receive all 50 of them.  The winner-takes-all state is a very important in the race and is one of the states with the most delegates in the country.  The race will most likely be very close and could go either way in the actual election.  


Senior Sam Pratt said,  “I believe that Florida’s delegates are very important and will play an important part in the election. I think that Trump and Clinton will win it.”

  1.  If Marco Rubio loses his home state, his run for president will be over.  He has even expressed that whoever wins Florida will become the GOP candidate for the election.  Rubio, who garnered attention in recent weeks for feuding with frontrunner Donald Trump, stated. “I realized that win or lose, there are people out there that see what I’m doing and follow it as a role model.”  


When Indiana’s primary rolls around in May, the candidates will be pretty much decided. But yesterday’s Super Tuesday vote for Trump will likely have a major impact on who that will be.