Senior Sells Art, Jewelry on Depop Shop


Virginia Foust ’21 holds up a self-made mug in one of her art classes.

Emma Matlock, Staff Writer

The melodies of the 70’s filled the air, flowing inside of the car and out of the open windows. The sun blared down onto the earth during a bright, quarantine summer’s day. Virginia Foust ‘21 was filled with anticipation to deliver her first Depop order.

Depop is an online internet shop where people can create their own products, recycle used clothes, sell vintage and old garments and bring together a community of content creators to sell their own unique products.

“I started [my Depop shop] because I was bored during quarantine and it was something I could easily do from home,” Foust said. “[I sell] earrings mainly, but I now also have other jewelry and some of my art listed.”

Some of Foust’s products include heart-shaped cow print earrings, a Fred and George Weasley keychain and a third eye painting. All of these products Foust makes by herself.

“In my more design-based projects, it’s really easy for me to create. But for full-scale art pieces or stuff for my AP art class, motivation can be a little harder to find,” Foust said. “For the most part, a lot of my project ideas just kind of appear in my mind to me. It’s actually quite weird, but it works out well.”

The main thing that inspires Foust are drawings in her sketchbook. The main products she uses to create her products consist of air dry or bakeable clay, glitter, paint and shrinky dinks.

“[My favorite memory is] probably making my Harry Potter resin charms,” Foust said. “I pour resin into a mold with a photo and glitter and allow it time to set up.”

Foust’s favorite thing to do for her shop is packaging orders. She likes to include stickers, a handwritten note and sometimes an accessory to make it feel more personalized.

“It’s a bit odd but I put so much effort into it,” Foust said. “I get somewhat nervous though worrying about if the person will like what I make. And I always want my packaging to be clean and reflect my personality, so I tend to be really thoughtful when doing it.”

Because of her shop, Foust says that a new skill that she has gained while managing her shop is bookkeeping.

“I write down every single order and every single item I sell,” Foust said. “It’s mainly for me to see but it takes a while to do. However, it’s really important to be able to keep track of that kind of stuff.”

Foust notes that the support of friends and family keep her motivated to continue her Depop shop.

“My parents support me no matter what, of course, but I was really unsure if my friends would support me. I love when they make a point of wearing stuff I’ve made for them or they purchased from me when they are around me,” Foust said. “Or just make comments on how cool something I made is. It’s just really nice to feel like I’m doing something special to me and it’s special to other people too.”

You can find Foust’s Depop shop here.