2021 News Magazine Extended Senior Edition


The story of the senior class couldn’t be limited to 24 pages. Click on the images below to discover more about the Class of 2021.

Where are you going?
Seniors sound off about what made them choose their school

Throwing Heat
With the gleam of his opponent in his sunglasses and the wind spiraling through his hair, senior pitcher Drue Young swings his arm to throw the baseball in preparation of a pitch. As his senior season moves forward, Young feels the pressure that comes with each pitch.
However, that does not deter from his love of the game…

Seniors hold up their college admission letters.

A Letter to the CG Underclassmen
You may feel the pressure is stacked against you. Many of you may experience high expectations from your parents, peers and society because they anticipate you to have a perfectly planned out future with things such as an high GPA, a respectable college, a high paying job and a stable family within your future. I just want to let you know, from a senior’s perspective, that you are completely free and capable of choosing what you want to do with your life.
At the beginning of my…

A Knead to Bake
From zucchini bread to carrot cake to cookies and to other sweet treats galore, senior Ella Rasche discovered a strong passion for baking when she was inspired by the help of her grandmother.
“My grandmother and I used to make fresh, homemade bread all the time,” Ras…

Class of 2021 Senior Farewells
Spreadsheets suck — especially spreadsheets that have 40 pages full of 600+ names in 24 different colors. Imagine having to scroll through hours worth of work to cover a second of someone’s high school career. That is what I had to do all year. As the sole coverage editor in a COVID-19 stricken year…

Senior Ginger Miller does her ballet routine.

Taking the Leap
In August of 2020 for her senior year, Ginger Miller returned to Center Grove, reverting back to a “normal” life and reconnecting with old friends and family. For the past two years, she had been in Philadelphia, attending the Rock School for Dance Education – a very prestigious and well-known school within the ballet industry…