Acting it out

Junior uses acting skills to land role in local movie


Junior Chloe Lutz performs on stage during a theater production. Photo contributed

Munachi Johnson, Staff Writer

Many people have dreamed about becoming an actor or actress –starring in big movies and playing dramatic roles that capture the imagination of their audiences. Junior Chloe Lutz, an aspiring actress, sees this as her passion.

Lutz has been in both CGHS theater classes, performed in numerous CGHS productions and has worked as an extra. Recently, Lutz was cast in the movie “The First Harvest,” an indie horror movie based in a small town in Indiana where strange things occur, where she plays the daughter of one of the main characters.

Lutz’s past experience with acting, including in advanced theater arts classes at the high school, has helped her develop skills in the art.

“[Theater arts] class definitely progressed my acting,” Lutz said. “I did theater in general. I did the musicals and plays here at Center Grove and during the play, I got my actual lead role. I want to be in indie movies. I want to act with people around my age, and I also want to have fun experiences that I would not already have. I would want to play a different person’s life as well.”

Lutz’s approach to auditioning has been shaped by her time in the industry. Lutz had been cast in three movies as an extra before her role in “The First Harvest.”

“I definitely learned that every audition is different and every casting is different and every director and producer is different,” Lutz said. “They interact and use their talent. It’s a super fun experience that I learned to love. As an actor, I have learned you have to audition a lot, and it can be more of your job than actually acting, but I have learned to love it.”

Lutz’s dedication paid off when she was cast in her first speaking role over the summer. 

 “I found the audition, this indie Indiana filmmakers thing, over Facebook Messengers, and I saw an extra callout—which I was originally going for,” Lutz said. “However, I got a message from the show’s creator, Paul Allen, and he was like ‘yeah, there is a role you can audition for.’ He loved my audition and he ended up casting me in the role.” 

Lutz will start acting in the production in the coming months, and she is excited for the opportunities to show her acting skills.

“This is my first speaking role,” Lutz said. “It is a career path I want to take. I think it is a very dark role. I wasn’t challenged during the audition, but in the future, I will be challenged. It will be very emotionally-tolling, but I am ready to be challenged.”

Lutz also has aspirations to connect with other students in CGHS who are interested in directing, producing and acting in movies. She hopes the club will help others find their way into the local film industry.

 “The film industry is very hard to get into, and I have had some problems with it,” Lutz said. “There are bumps in the road, but I have overcome them. Some of my friends have an interest in being in the film industry. My friend Ciara and I want to start a film club at CGHS, so we can help and meet actors and people who want to produce movies.”

While Lutz views acting as a career opportunity, what she values most is the creativity and dedication that she gets out of it.

“I see it as a big creative jump, and I love how much goes into it, how much dedication goes into [acting] to be really good at it,” Lutz said. “I love the work ethic that you have to have. I couldn’t imagine working at a cubicle job. I have to be moving and doing something and using my creative side.”