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Tips for the 2016 Blood Drive

Tips for the 2016 Blood Drive

By: Lacey Siderewicz

InterACT is sponsoring a Blood Drive on March 10 and 11. For many, giving blood is not easy, especially if they are donating the standard one pint.  People are prone to getting sick or feeling faint when they give  blood. However, there are ways to prevent this.

“Just drink a lot of water before and eat healthy stuff the day before you donate,” junior Daniel Root said. “It’ll help you not feel as sick during and after you give blood.”

It is recommended that students increase their water intake in the 24 hours leading up to a donation.  The extra fluid helps the veins become more prominent and easier to tap (meaning students won’t have to get stuck by the needle multiple times).  

  For many students, the decision to give blood is difficult because while they want to help, they also have a fear of some part of the process.

“I recommend that you do not watch when they are taking the blood,” senior Alicia Otto said.  “It’ll make you sick and feel worse if you just sit there and watch it, especially if blood scares you.”

During the process, it is important to consciously remain relaxed.  This will keep muscles from tensing up.

            “During donation, my nurse told me to alternate flexing each of my quad muscles because my arm was losing too much blood,” junior Bailee Leathers said.  “I was definitely heading toward passing out, so that tip was a big help.”

Reading a book or talking to the other donors can also help keep the donor distracted.

“I recommend listening to music while you’re giving blood so that it keeps your mind focused on something else and helps you stay calm.” junior Haley Miller said.

After donating, it is crucial to eat and drink as soon as possible.  Eating after will help to replenish the body and to get sugar levels back up to normal.

“Make sure you eat and drink right after you’re done,” junior Blake Jarosinski said. “Drinking water and eating some cookies or snack foods as soon as you get done is important.”

Drinking water, eating healthy before, keeping calm and refueling after are all ways to help students feel better while giving blood. Donating blood is not for everyone, but those who are bodily able can be encouraged by these tips.


To participate, students must fit all requirements:

-Be at least 17 years old (16 with parental consent)

-Weigh at least 110 pounds

-Be in good general health


If you are an athlete, it’s recommended that you do not practice the night after donating.  


If you are able, sign up to help this great cause during lunch this week.

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