Sweet Shoppe Changes

UPDATE 02/03/15: The video story has been inserted into the post. Original story follows.

Many students have found changes at the Sweet Shoppe, the discontinuation of candy and ice cream bars. Jon Zwitt, athletic director and supervisor of the Sweet Shoppe, clarified the issue saying that the school had no choice but to cut the popular products.

“I was told by the food services director at the beginning of the year that the removal was passed down by Michelle Obama regarding the food consumption in schools during lunch time,” said Zwitt. “At that time she told me we are going to have a one year waiver on that so I guess a year to plan what we were going to do for next school year.”

The federal government later informed Zwitt that there was not going to be a waiver. The ice cream and toppings would have to go immediately , leaving the administration scrambling to rid of the products directly after Thanksgiving Break. When asked if the school could control this, Zwitt responded that it would not be possible.

“We would keep it going, but we can’t have any candy toppings, we can’t have cookie toppings, we can’t have the ice cream bars and we can’t have any ice cream,” Zwitt said. “All we have now is candy corn and frozen yogurt.”

Even though the Sweet Shoppe no longer sells ice cream, toppings and ice cream bars, they still need the funds the Sweet Shoppe brings in order to support athletic teams.


“We’re going to take a look at expenses and see if we break even or if we’re making any money off of it because it is a fundraiser for athletic teams and if we’re not, we’ll have to raise the price or have to think about doing something else,” Zwitt said. “As of right now, we are just going to go the course and finish the current school year with frozen yogurt.”

Students have voiced their concern about lack of choice due to the Sweet Shoppe no longer offering ice cream and toppings.

“It’s not the same, I am disappointed,” senior Ben Whitsett said. “That is all I will say about that.”