A New Take on Trick-or-Treating


Allison Erickson, Staff Writer

Pumpkins with a devilish smile carved into them, spiderwebs draped on bushes, kids dressed as superheroes and princesses walking from door to door hoping to collect mounds of candy. This is what Halloween has looked like for years.
Unfortunately, since COVID-19 is still a huge issue, a normal Halloween is not in the picture. With the number of cases rising, people need to ask themselves if trick-or-treating is really worth it. COVID-19 has disturbed so many events this year already, but it is still so important that we continue to take precautions and safety measures so that we can eventually get back to normal.
Trick-or-treating outdoors is less risky than going to a party (which is definitely not a good idea), but is it really worth the risk? Many parents are worried about how easily their children could contract COVID-19. Their worries are understandable, since the normal American way of trick or treating includes walking from door to door collecting candy from neighbors.
It would be much easier to avoid the situation entirely to make sure that everyone in my family would stay safe. It seems like a much simpler option than figuring out how to keep watch over a bunch of crazy kids and make sure that they keep their masks on. However, many families are extremely devoted to Halloween, so skipping the tradition is not even an option.
Masks are not a huge problem, since many costumes have masks built in. It is critical that everyone who trick or treats this year wears some sort of mask. The bigger problem lies in how the children get the bucket loads of candy that they wait all year for. Many families have considered sitting outside on their porches or driveways to give candy out, so the kids aren’t exposed to the germs inside someone else’s home. Others considered leaving out a bowl of candy with a sign that says how many to take. Obviously, not every child is going to listen to a sign, so you could run out of candy very quickly.
Another good idea to consider if you are going to trick-or-treat this year is keeping the group you go with small. Minimizing the amount of people out on streets with help minimize the spread.
Still, taking these precautions might not be enough to keep your family away from the spread of COVID-19. The health of your family should be your first priority, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun at all. This year is a great chance to get creative.
Families are taking ideas from a classic Easter egg hunt and using it for Halloween. An Easter egg hunt around your own house is a wonderful way to make sure younger kids are still getting the candy that they were hoping for. Another way to avoid COVID-19 on Halloween is by keeping the party small and in your own backyard. Hosting huge parties is quite obviously a horrible idea, so having small, family-only parties in your own home is a much better plan. It can be an alternative to trick-or-treating, as well.
Health officials have firmly discouraged trick-or-treating this year, and it is best to listen to them. There are plenty of other alternatives that won’t risk the health of anyone. Whether you host a small family party at your house or just lay on the couch and watch movies, anything is a better idea than needlessly putting others at risk. The truth remains that the only way to overcome this virus is by avoiding close contact with others. We all have an image in our head when we think about Halloween, whether it’s trick-or-treaters or big family parties. This year isn’t able to be traditional, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be one for the books.