Q&A: Julian Pentchev

Senior Julian Pentchev traveled to Bulgaria to visit friends and family.


Olivia Oliver, Website Editor

Q: When did you go to Bulgaria and for how long were you there?
A: I went to Bulgaria on June 10 and came back on the 12th of July, so around a month 

Q: Why did you go to Bulgaria?
A: I went to Bulgaria with my family since my family (grandparents, uncles and cousins) are all there. We went to see them. 

Q: Were you born in Bulgaria?
A: No, I was born in Iowa City, Iowa. Sadly, not Bulgaria. I kind of wish I was born in Bulgaria so I could go to school there and be more fluent in the language. My English accent in the Bulgarian language kind of affects me. 

Q: How many times have you been to Bulgaria?
A: I have been to Bulgaria four times so far. 

Q: What was one thing that was very different in Bulgaria than here in America?
A: The food! It’s very different than the food in the US, personally I think it tastes better than the food here. Everything there is home made and home cooked. For dinner, everybody makes their own dinner and it’s not any fast food. I feel like it’s better and healthier.

Q: What was the best food you ate while you were there?
A: There were so many great meals I had there so it is hard to choose, but my favorite would probably be the french fries with shredded Bulgarian feta cheese on top.

Q: What was the hardest part of leaving?
A: The fact that I won’t be able to see my family until next summer. 

Q: How do you stay in touch?
A: Usually Skype. It’s usually on someone’s birthday or Bulgarian holiday, so it’s not super often.

Q: What was the favorite memory you made there?
A: Going to the Black Sea with some friends. We went to the Black Sea, and we took some chairs and an umbrella. We spent the day on the beach and made sand castles and hung out. We sat at a seaside restaurant and ate and told funny stories, too.