Q&A: Kyle Gale

Junior takes two classes at Whiteland High School 


Brayton Spetter, Staff Writer

Q: What classes do you take at Whiteland?

A: Intro to Agriculture and Advanced Animal Science. 

Q: How often do you go to Whiteland to take these classes?

A: I take one of the classes every day. It alternates between Agriculture and Animal Science. This means I go to Whiteland every day in the mornings to take these classes. 

Q: What inspired you to take these classes?

A: My love for agriculture really inspired me to take agriculture classes as well as Animal Science classes because I one day desire to own my very own farm. In order to own a farm, I will have to learn all of the aspects that go into it. That’s why I take these classes and plan on taking more in the future. 

Q: What do you learn about in these classes?

A: In Intro to Agriculture, we learn about all aspects of agriculture such as the study of communication, the science of agriculture, plants, animals, natural resources and agricultural mechanics. In advanced animal science, we learn about the anatomy of animals, such as knowledge of such basic subjects as animal behavior and management, genetics, microbiology, nutrition, physiology, reproduction and meat science.

Q: What’s your favorite part about the classes?

A: Seeing my friends every day as well as making new friends [and] learning information that will be helpful not only to myself, but it will also one day help me in my profession which I hope will be in the agricultural field.

Q: Do you think you will continue to take agricultural and animal science classes in the future?

A: Yes, animal science is only a one-year course, but I plan on expanding my education to plant science next year. In plant science I will learn about conventional large-scale farming, organic agriculture, greenhouse management, and turf and lawn management.

Q: How has taking these classes benefited your knowledge so far in these subjects?

A: It has opened my eyes on how big the agricultural community is not only in Indiana but around the United States. The area of studies are very broad which helps me learn more about plants in one class and animals in the other. The separation of the two classes allows me to focus on one aspect at a time.

Q: Do you think Center Grove should have agricultural and animal science classes?

A: As much as I love the classes and think they are great ideas, I do not think Center Grove should have agricultural classes. Whiteland simply has a better agricultural community within the school system.