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Online Textbooks

Written by: Jessica Richardson

Logging in, signing up, looking through, then it crashes…again.

Online textbooks are a hassle and crash often. They are a very complicated subject at a school who values technology. There are many different sides to this story. In learning a different language, textbooks are a must, but using online textbooks can be tricky.

“They are harder to use, because it glitches and the updated ios makes the font mess up.” Junior Kenzie Starwalt said. “I don’t like them.”

There seem to be more disadvantages in using online textbooks than advantages. Some teachers opt to use old-fashioned paper textbooks.

“It’s not that I don’t like them, I would just prefer to use regular textbooks,” Spanish teacher Michelle De Luna said.

While students don’t necessarily like using online textbooks, they do see some benefits.

“I don’t like them, but it’s better than carrying around a real textbooks,” Sophomore Makalia Rhodes said.

Many teachers and staff see benefits but also drawbacks in using these textbooks.

“I’m split on whether I like or dislike online textbooks,” the e-Learning Coordinator Joseph Lamb said. “I like that I can search for exactly what I want in an online textbook very quickly and easily, but if I’m working on my iPad it is inconvenient to switch in and out of different apps to take notes or complete tasks.”

As students and staff, we have no control over technology. Internet connection, the app, the website, everything seems to crash.

“I don’t like that you become dependent on the internet and a bad connection prevents you from doing work,” Senior Maddey Jacks said. “I like that they can reduce the weight you have to lug around. Honestly, I’ve only had a few online textbooks. Most have been really glitchy!”

For all the trouble we go through with technology, sometimes technology can be used to our advantage.

“The advantage is that there are some cool enhancements with the online textbook and more students can do [more things] with it. They can also access help with it,” De Luna said.

There are many different sides to the new textbook story. Students and teachers differ on whether they like or dislike these new textbooks.

“What I like about online textbooks is that they are easier to be carried around, not left at home, do not get damaged, and can be updated very quickly by the manufacturer,” Social Studies teacher Jeff Buckmaster said. “What I do not like [about the textbooks] is that they are often not ready to use on the first day of class as a regular textbook would be.  Some book companies allow app access, but not all.  Those that have app access offer a better product that is more user friendly.  It is a real hassle to sign in to the textbook every time using an online based textbook.”

We seem to be in between the “it’s easier to carry around” and “it’s a hassle to use.”

What’s your opinion?

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