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The Student News Site of Center Grove High School


The Student News Site of Center Grove High School


Four-Alarm Fiasco

At 7:05 this morning the walls of our high school came alive with the warning of a fire…again. CG is officially at four fire alarms in as many days and has yet to have had an actual fire.

For students, the literal “false alarms” have gone three too far.

“This is really annoying,” Nate Duke said. “It has happened more than once and they really need to figure it out. I don’t think it should be that hard of a fix.”

Even the students who feel like they can understand feel it has gotten to be too much.

“I understand why the fire alarms are going off because of the construction, but it is really annoying to have to stand out here every time because it is super cold,” Mitchell Black said. “Especially when it was raining, some people didn’t have umbrellas. It’s annoying.”

The school’s fire alarms are set up in loops. Assistant principal Jake Short confirmed that the same one has been going off each time, but that the construction is not entirely to blame. In fact, there is not even construction going on in that area right now.

“These particular [loops], they are erratic right now. They’re saying ‘smoke’ but they’re not even working in that area,” Short said.

The administration has contacted the fire alarm company to figure out the bug.

“They turned [the problematic loop] off and they are actually investigating right now what is causing it to go off,” Short said. “I think the biggest thing is even though there have been a couple of false alarms, we still have to make sure that we’re not complacent, and that we do exit the building appropriately because we tend to lose the sense of urgency when it goes off a couple times and it’s not an actual drill or an actual fire, and we need to make sure we don’t lose that sense of urgency.”

So when the alarm goes off, head outside, even though the likelihood of an actual fire is low. And maybe keep an umbrella in your backpack.

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