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The Walking Dead: The Glenn Paradox


The Walking Dead never ceases to leave an audience stunned and confused multiple times in one episode. On the dramatic episode aired 2 weeks ago, there was a showstopper on the hit TV show. The show appeared to feature the death of a main character that just could not have been true. Many viewers were in utter disbelief and refused to accept it. Besides the fact that the death came out of nowhere, it made no sense since the death was not heroic at all. Usually, when a main character is killed off, there is at least a heroic death to allow for an acceptance from the audience.

From almost the beginning of the series, Glenn has made his way into many of the viewers’ hearts. As Sunday’s episode portrayed, he seemed to have met his end after being cornered by an enormous mob of walkers in an alley. They could have survived on top of the dumpsters if the dead-weight, Nicholas, wouldn’t have shot himself, falling into the swarm and taking Glenn with him. Glenn is then shown with walkers ripping him apart and gnawing into his intestines, with every viewer’s jaws dropped as a result.

What many fans are asking now, though,  is this what was really happened? Did Glenn really die? Or did Nicholas land on top of him and shield him from the walkers? With the initial shock of the episode warn off, we now have time to evaluate. With all of the evidence that I have researched, I’ve come to the conclusion that it was all a trick. Glenn did not die in Sunday’s episode. You have to look into the details of the show.

-Usually if a main character dies, they are brought onto the wrap-up show, The Talking Dead, and Glenn was not.

-The wrap-up show never directly told the audience that Glenn had died like they have done with other characters deaths, instead they went along the lines of “Glenn appears to have been killed.” Or something along those lines.

The Talking Dead usually has a memorial section on the show where they remember everyone who died in that episode. Glenn wasn’t featured in this.

-The show usually has the main character that died in the episode on the show to say goodbye and explain and talk about their death.

– The writer, Scott Gimple, actually released a prepared statement about Glenn’s death, “In some way we will see Glenn, some version of Glenn, or parts of Glenn again, either in flashback or in the current story, to help complete the story.” He could have meant anything by this, though. Glenn could show up in a flashback, as a walker, or unhurt and alive. Gimple could not have covered more bases with that statement.

With all the evidence I think that Glenn did not die on Sunday’s episode. The show could be doing all of this just to come out and say that he really did die, but what would be the point? In the end, almost every viewer can agree that they would rather see Glenn alive and that this is all some trick that AMC wanted to pull.

Last week’s episode revealed nothing about Glenn but instead was more of a filler episode. The question in all of the fan’s minds is what does this mean? What’s true and what are they not telling us? Tune in on Sunday, November 8 to AMC to watch The Walking Dead and to hopefully discover where Glenn’s fate lies.

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