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Senior Advice for Finals


Compiled by: Madey Jacks

Finals week is coming and freshmen have only hearsay to make judgements on. What steps can freshmen take to triumph over their finals? Seniors Abby Ogle and Ryan Grinsell provide insight for freshmen and reveal some common pitfalls.

Preparing for Finals
Preparing for finals is tedious and frustrating; if you are not prepared well enough, it could become an emotional trainwreck.  

In preparation for finals week, Ogle recommends:
-Utilizing your study guide to its full potential
-Asking the teacher for extra study materials
  -If a study guide is not offered, ask for one
-Studying in proportion to the intensity of the class
-Getting the most out of every review day and study game
-Completing any practice finals

Grinsell expands:
-Cramming can be counterproductive to retaining information.
  -Lessons reviewed at the minute can transform into a confused jumble of knowledge.
  -Sleeping is crucial to improving your score. Don’t sacrifice sleep for cramming.
-Students should wisely use the weekend that divides finals week.


During Finals Week

You’ve made it to the dreadful week and all your finals and Christmas break lay before you. But don’t let your upcoming break distract you from the looming exams.

Ogle suggests:
-Control your nerves; being nervous is the worst thing you can do to yourself.
-Eating before the test can wake you up and will prevent you from being distracted by a                                       

 rumbling stomach.
  -Packing snacks is one of the best ways to fend off your hunger

Grinsell provides study tips:
-Study periods were placed in the schedule for a reason; do not misuse them.

Finals Periods
You’ve made it this far. The final is moments away and 20 percent of your semester grade is dependent on the next 100 minutes. You’ve prepared. You’re ready. But how do you approach the exam?

Grinsell stresses:
-You can always come back to a question; not finishing the tests is not worth a question.


Be on the Lookout For
You have taken every practice test and studied every lesson, but finals week is unpredictable. Be ready for some twists and unexpected surprises.

Ogle warns:
-You cannot use the bathroom or leave the classroom during final periods
-Teachers are not as willing to clarify or answer questions on the exam date. Ask all questions


Grinsell notes:
-Preparing well in advance is the best study strategy, procrastination is dangerous and should

 be avoided.

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