PS4 vs. Xbox One

By: John Richardson

Ever since the two gaming systems came out during the Christmas season of 2013,  the PS4 has doubled the sales of the Xbox One. Despite this gap, there has been a dividing controversy amongst fans choosing between which of the two is the better system.


The PS4 is a more advanced system than the Xbox One. It looks sharper and futuristic when compared to the Xbox One. The controllers are easier to use, the games are clearer (1080p to 920p) and run smoothly. The company creating the PS4 is a stable gaming and movie company compared to Microsoft’s computer strong company.  Also, the games and content that are featured *Only on PlayStation* are, in my opinion, a better collection than those on the Xbox One.  A few examples would include “Uncharted Series,” “The Last of Us” and “Killzone.” Games exclusively for Xbox include “Halo Series,” “Dead Rising” and “Titanfall.”


Another advantage of the PS4 is the cost of online gameplay.  The yearly cost for PlayStation Plus  is $10 cheaper than Xbox Live, the three month membership is $7 cheaper and the one month is the same price.


“Playstation is just all around a better brand of gaming than Xbox,” junior Alex Eads said. “I like the way the game system feels when I play any game and the setup of the system itself.”  


The Xbox One has some advantages as well. It has backwards compatibility, media streaming, a higher pixelated camera for the system, a better user interface and app service. Since Microsoft is a computer company, the Xbox One’s computer-like services tend to be better than the PS4.


“I personally enjoy the Xbox One,” senior Jerod Hopson said. “I had an Xbox 360, so I wanted to keep it going with the Xbox One. It’s not really that I like it over the Playstation, I just am used to it and have always had one.  I am not biased, I am just used to my controller and the gameplay.”  
The two gaming systems boast different advantages, but they are perhaps less different than their sales suggest.