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Statue to a Forsaken Ideology: The Modern Colossus


Statue to a Forsaken Ideology

(The Modern Colossus)

Boats no longer pass her-
Planes boast their might from above.
Hopes and fares no longer suffice-
instead some are sacrificed.
Offered to please the beast.
Ensnared by          
Malicious laws that doom-
hopeful, fair lives.

Her beacon continuously beckons,
but even the lucky are not spared a glimpse.

The faithful and vigilant are not where they ought to be.
Sitting on Capitol Hill are those
scared of life and difference-
lives dedicated to fear.
“Push! Onward men!”
They want their pawns to shout-
with an M16 in hand.

Too powerful are they-
who blind themselves to
grief-stricken and hollow eyes
that yearn to gaze upon her face.



Since 2011, the American government has only welcomed 2290 Syrian refugees into the nation even though over 4.2 million Syrians have been forced to flee their homes. 31 state governors, including Indiana’s Mike Pence, have declared that their states will not welcome Syrian refugees. This has occurred in spite of the United States imposing some of the most secure background checks and processing all Syrian refugees through even more intensive screenings.


“Although I understand the logic behind Governor Mike Pence’s refusal to admit refugees, I would have approached the heightening fear of terrorism due to ISIS in another way,” senior and PALS president Ally Colinco said. “Not all refugees are terrorists and stereotyping a whole culture is unfair.”


The refugees do not need laws or red tape; they need a genuine display of humanitarian concern. The Marine Raider Regiment’s motto is “Always faithful, always forward” and the Civil Air Patrol’s is “always vigilant.” What if our politicians founded their decisions on these mottos instead of their fears? Americans serving in the armed forces are revered for their bravery that protects our freedom; however, we rely on our politicians to ensure the freedoms won are legislatively insured.


“Refugees are just as terrified as anyone else, even more so because they are threatened by those destroying their country and shunned by those claiming [themselves] as ‘the good guy,’” Colinco said.


Gone are the days in which those leaving their country could look up to the Statue of Liberty. Now, they come by plane and the past haunts us. State and federal legislatures have allowed the victim ideology to permeate into their reaction to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of the modern world.


While the students of Center Grove are distant from the war-torn landscape of Syria, the students within the building can have a drastic impact. Every student has a voice and it is the sum of voices that can make a difference. Students who aren’t of voting age still have an opportunity to help; their voices will just be presented differently.


PALS, a Center Grove club, gives students the opportunity to make a global difference. Currently, the club is planning “Sleeveless for Syria.” This fundraiser will sell bro-tanks to benefit Syrian refugees.


“As a Center Grove student, you can donate or you can donate through buying one of these bro-tanks,” Colinco said.


It doesn’t matter how grand Lady Liberty is or how comforting Emma Lazarus’s words are. The only thing that matters is what the nation does behind her back for those who hope to look upon her face.


“You don’t need to personally accept a refugee into your home and you don’t need to donate a thousand dollars, all you need to do is care,” Colinco said.


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