Hart Hates Hearts on a Hallmark Holiday

Photo from: Wikimedia Commons

*Disclaimer: all opinions belong solely to the author, Ashlynn Hart, and do not reflect the Publications staff or Center Grove in any way*

February 14th…one of the most beloved ‘holidays’ among couples and hopeless romantics, but also one of the most dreaded and disgusting days for singles and skeptics.


I am one of those who feels as if this day, famously known as Valentine’s Day, is horrible and gross. It is not necessarily because I do not have a significant other, I just see so much pettiness and stupidity behind this day to which millions of people are so blind.


First of all, has our society become so lazy as a whole that we have had to resort to creating a special day in the year to recognize the people that we love? Shouldn’t we let those people know how much they mean to us, regardless if it is a holiday or not?


Secondly, this holiday seems to be only of importance because of the hype created by Hallmark and other companies in order to make money. So when you are buying that tacky teddy bear and mediocre Hallmark card that millions of other people bought to lazily express to their significant other how much they ‘mean to them,’ just know someone is taking advantage AND making money off of your complacentness.


This Valentine’s Day, instead of spending money on marked up roses and horrendous heart shaped items, you should protest all of it and take no participation in such activities. Instead, show the ones you care for the compassion and love you have for them daily, rather than just one day out of the 365 days in the year.