Trump is Triumphant?

By: John Richardson

Donald Trump is looking more and more like he will become the next President of the United States. He continues to be the unfiltered, unprecedented candidate and the GOP nominee that many Republican cannot stand. So what is his secret? Why does he continue to get votes and win states if some people can’t even say the name Donald Trump without throwing up a little?

Trump has many features of his campaign that have attracted voters for months and months of primaries and caucuses, one being the fact that he really isn’t a politician. He is more of an outsider in the world of politics. Trump is a businessman, and many voters believe that he could help turn the U.S. economy around. He has built multiple businesses into multimillion dollar companies.

Trump voters also believe in his truthfulness and his unfiltered, no-sugarcoating debate and interview style. He does not hold anything in and is more than willing to make sure that his beliefs are professed.

Donald Trump has multiple other reasons that he is in first place in the race to the White House, one of which would be that he takes on the media. The way he bashes them and completely ignores what they have to say about him is hilarious to watch. Not only does he not put up with them, he makes them squirm in their seats. The media is always trying to make people out to be worse than they are and find the fault in anything and everything. Even when the media does make him out to be an awful person, he shuts it down by coming back and making them feel really stupid about the things they say about not only him but other people as well. He also defends people that he likes that the media bashes on as well.

Lastly, Donald Trump is getting voters on his side by bringing energy to the race. He is a fresh, new and exciting candidate for voters to enjoy watching debate. He has made the race entertaining and fun to watch. Donald Trump basically let his opponents feed the fire by starting the topic of discussion and then he would make the topic interesting by adding his own twist and entertaining effect. His fellow candidates always found it annoying and unprofessional, yet that is just how he is running his race. People are obviously eating it up.